Ep. 145 Preparing newly planted trees for success and periodical cicadas | #GoodGrowing

Good Growing

28-07-2023 • 40分

On this week’s Good Growing podcast, we discuss newly planted trees. How to pick them, take care of them, and get them ready for something we haven’t seen since 1803!

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00:40 – Welcome, Ken, what are we seeing for the first time since 1803?

01:35 – It’s still dry out there, and it’s getting hot…It’s been a rough year for trees.

05:32 – When should we be planting trees?

07:00 – Things to consider when planting trees

07:45 – What is an urban tree?

09:30 – What tree should I plant?

10:10 – Where should I plant my tree?

11:25 – How to select a tree, what should I be looking for?

14:35 – Getting rid of circling roots

18:15 – Taking care of trees once they’re in the ground, remember to water

21:25 – Mulching newly planted trees

24:20 – Periodical cicadas and the problems they cause on newly planted trees

28:33 – Periodical cicadas in Illinois

30:30 – Difference between periodical and annual cicadas, and cicada killer wasps

32:54 – Can we eat cicadas?

37:00 – Can I use pesticides to protect my trees?

38:47 - Wrap-up, thank you’s, what’s up next week, and goodbye!

Last week’s episode on Derechos & Tree Damage: https://extension.illinois.edu/podcasts/good-growing/ep-144-derechos-tree-damage-goodgrowing

Ryan Pankau’s Four Seasons Webinar on Tree Compartmentalization: https://youtu.be/cG98ED54Ctw

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