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In Season 5 of Stroke of Genius®, brought to you by IPO Education Foundation , we'll explore some of the common myths and misconceptions surrounding intellectual property (IP) protection. We'll also provide a greater understanding of the impact of IP to under-served communities. With help from entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, technologists, lawyers, and other industry leaders, Stroke of Genius will dive into the importance of IP protection and reveal the surprising ways in which IP continues to shape all of our lives for the better.

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Inspiration versus Appropriation
Inspiration versus Appropriation
It’s one of the oldest forms of human expression: painting. And for as long as human beings have been creating, they’ve also looked on as other people created art and thought to themselves: “Hey, I can do that too!” So where do we draw the line -- or paint it -- between inspiration and appropriation? On this episode of Stroke of Genius, host Raha Francis is joined by a mixed-media artist from Montreal, Canada, who’s had the unfortunate experience of discovering her own work being sold online without her permission. Ishita Banerjee, aka SoulCurryArt, says she was never taught about intellectual property in art school, so she’s now taken it upon herself to educate both her fellow artists and consumers of fine art about the ins and outs of IP protection for creatives. As you’ll hear, the IP system can benefit artists in a number of ways -- and Ishita also has thoughts on the role of NFTs and the blockchain in providing additional protection for artists.  You can learn more about copyright by visiting or by watching this video. Check out Ishita Banerjee and see her collection of “Mad Men Modern” art on her website or on Etsy. She’s also a great follow on Instagram. Her experience of having art stolen and sold online has picked up some media coverage. To ensure the art you're buying is authentic, there are plenty of resources online, including this article. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
How I.P. Can Help Save the Planet
How I.P. Can Help Save the Planet
Are you losing any sleep over the climate crisis? After another summer of heatwaves and wildfires around the world, the topic of sustainability is more top of mind than ever. Confronting this global crisis are countless “green” inventors, entrepreneurs, and corporations working on new ways to cut emissions and reduce our dependence on products derived from fossil fuels. And it’s right here, at the intersection of innovation and sustainability, where intellectual property plays a critical role.On this episode of Stroke of Genius, host Raha Francis sits down with the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation’s newly declared ‘Inventor of the Year’, Luke Haverhals, the CEO of Natural Fiber Welding. Luke and his team at NFW have developed a new way of making the textiles in everything from t-shirts and sneakers to car interiors, using only plant-based materials. Their process is “circular,” which means their products need never end up in a landfill! As you’ll hear, I.P. protection was a crucial component of Luke’s journey from a farm boy in Iowa, to the US Naval Academy in Maryland, to founding his very own company in Illinois. Make sure to listen to the end, Luke shares some invaluable I.P. advice for aspiring inventors and entrepreneurs.Click here to learn more about the IPOEF’s ‘Inventor of the Year’ Award, and Natural Fiber Welding's patented MIRUM and CLARUS products. You can watch the sustainability webinar that Raha mentioned featuring GE and Coty here. For past episodes of Stroke of Genius and the very latest news and information from the Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation, just visit Special thank you to our episode sponsor Schwegman, Lundberg & Woessner! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.