Empaths and Angel Communication

Mama Drama Trauma Academy

18-02-2024 • 1時間 24分

We are in “guide training”. One of the blessings of MDT is the opportunity it provides for rapid evolution.

Going from highly sensitive, maternally wounded people with a capacity to self heal to healthy operating empaths able to heal ourselves and others is what Angel communication is about for us!

This is part II of our AGAS (Angels, Guides and Ancestors series: from sensitivity to ability. Part I is about who they are and how we connect with them.

Today, we talk about working with the AGAS. If only they could just tell us what to do…we’d do it. If only being an empath protected us from grief we could use our high sensitivity and advanced intuition to heal.

Maybe they already are. We discuss the 7 Steps to Angel Communication, how they work, our ability to do it, our struggle to trust it, and why we eventually do.

Angel Communication and the Challenges for Mother Wound Empaths

* Everyone doubts but we…self doubt;

* Everyone assumes problems with perception and interpretation but the claires we possess are often a liability instead of the asset they are intended to be;

* Everyone has expectations of angelic communication but because we are often exhausted from overstimulation or invest our energies into escapism to avoid it expect the angels to fix it instead of redirecting our energies to heal ourselves;

* Everyone questions the downloads we receive but we question ourselves;

* Everyone has challenges communing with the AGAS positively at all times to match their frequency and optimize the clarity, balance and confirmation we receive but we can be downright enraged with them because of the seemingly impossible obstacles created by all the above difficulties

They and more can be overcome with divinity identity.

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