Let Them Be Right

Mama Drama Trauma Academy

25-06-2023 • 1時間 8分

Right fighting, jockeying to be seen, heard or to self seclude gets us nowhere if we are abandoning or abusing ourselves in the process. Are you an empath with the mother wound sick and tired or being sick and tired yet with the right tool ready, able and willing to develop your deep capacity for self inquiry? I got you. Also: The brain is just a recorder so we can choose what it repeats, or as we discuss here, bend the mind.

Mama Drama Trauma Academy is a series covering everyday tools, techniques and tips for empaths with the mother wound. Suggestions and insights address the unique challenges old souls have when learning to live in lovingly detachment from emotionally dysregulating situations. Have a situation to share? I treat all messages as anonymous.

Todays all about using Self Inquiry to align the brain with our core belief in divinity identity (I AM a dearly loved divine child of the Great Mother Father God who is never judged condemned or left alone). How do we empower our empathic abilities to short circuit MDT (shame, blame and guilt) to self dysregulate at will? In this lesson, we cover:

* RAW Emotion Scoring. Being ready to heal is about devotion, discipline and dedication to the process. Being able to heal is about applying this mindset to a healing plan, technique or protocol. Being willing to heal is about following it daily and each time you need to bend the mind back to divinity.

* How to use RAW Emotion Scoring to mind bend. What are the 8 key questions we routinely ask ourselves to self select the ideas, memories and emotions we need to strengthen to experience our divine birthright to be happy, healthy and whole instead of shame, blame and guilt?

* How the Self Inquiry suit of the Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck breaks down RAW Emotion Scoring. Does being ready, able and willing to do the inner work to self regulate give us immediate relief?

* Why divinity identity and emotional intelligence is the same thing for old souls without or healed of MDT. Are healthy empaths more consciously aware of their needs and emotions than unhealthy empaths?

* Your RAW Score unmet needs results and where mind needs to be bent back to divinity identity:

0 - 6 I am unhealthy, unhappy, broken > I AM

7 - 12 I feel unloved > DEARLY LOVED

13 - 18 I feel unworthy > DIVINE

19 - 24 I feel guilty > CHILD

25 - 30 I feel unsure of my divinity > OF THE GREAT MOTHER FATHER GID

31 - 36 I feel judged > WHO IS NEVER JUDGED

37 - 42 I feel condemned > WHO IS NEVER CONDEMNED

43 - 48 I feel isolated, alone or alienated > OR LEFT ALONE.

Are You an empath with the mother wound? Mama Drama Trauma Academy sometimes delivers firsthand original situational content from my personal and professional experience, including direct submissions. Readings and video lessons detailing distinct and specific opinions, analysis and reactions to events, Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck reader questions and lessons are exclusive content. Of course, I also share my observations of major themes, challenges and analysis which do not carry the ‘Exclusive’ mark.

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