How Old Souls Live in Right Relationship With New Souls

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05-03-2023 • 2時間 2分

Each of us is a dearly loved divine child of the Great Mother Father God who is never judged, condemned or left alone--whether we know or not. Knowledge preciously reserved for rigorously vetted mystery school adepts, is now available to all ready, able and willing to use it for the greater good.

This tutorial is a general introduction to New Souls and Old Souls: who we are, how Mama Drama Trauma (MDT) affects us, what we need from one another, and how to create healthy relationships with them. (It is two hours. At the one hour mark is a brief meditation. I suggest taking a break there, or doing the meditation to give your system a break before completing it.)

This basic overview covers key points related to empaths, or old souls with the mother wound whose anxiety and amnesia of past lifetimes blocks self healing attempts.

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While MDT recovery is a lifetimes, long process, as the soul matures we gain gifs, talents and abilities to completely release it.

What are these gifts?

How do we use them to get past the unending anxiety?

What have we forgotten from past lives that may be useful now?

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Transform MDT to Stop Its Transmission

Until we transform it, we will transmit it onto other souls creating karma that keeps us trapped in the cycle. MDT is a painful and vicious cycle not for faint of heart. Indeed, it cultivates the strong hearts we have. The problem is we will transmit it on to others until we transform it into the healing balm it is intended to be.

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Everyone is going through something . Processing, how we break things down and trauma, soul dissociation, are the word of the day.

As dearly loved divine children, we learn the purpose of trauma is to open the heart to receive more and more divine love and, gradually through consecutive lifetimes, return to divinity consciousness.  MDT is the birth canal where we learn to release toxic energy to receive divine energy through free will choice.

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Tips, tools and techniques in this tutorial outline the polarity between old and new souls to better understand how to process the toxicity of our unconscious interactions, what we need to know to deal with them and how.

Here are a few MDT integration tools mentioned:

- RAW (Ready, Able and Willing) Score for rapid trigger release

- Ainslie Macleod Soul Type Quiz

- Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck

What’s important for us to realize is that MDT integration is about fully reclaiming our core belief in divinity identity— despite the material experience of maternal abandonment and abuse.

We do this with a daily and moment by moment practice of, reciting the mantra to ourselves, when triggered::

I am a dearly loved

Divine Child

Of the Great Mother Father God

Who is never judged, condemned

Or left alone.

Though challenging at first, reason old souls are more aware of this than others is because our abundance of near death combat, fatal accidents, natural disaster, being and giving birth experiences, know we are loved and cared for beyond material comprehension.

MDT is a lifetime test, to prove it. New Souls are not held to the same account.


You are a spry 94 year old, but with waning vitality. You have been a bit of a loner your entire life so its good to have someone around now. Everyday, when you awaken your nineteen year old nephew helps you into the car and drives you to the city’s football stadium for a day-long acid, hard rock concert. While he helps you out of the car and buys all the day’s snacks, they conflict with your prescribed diet. You walk from the car to your seat, repeatedly pushed aside, mocked and spending the entire day with sensory overload struggling to digest the process second hand smoke and drug vapors. The concrete, plastic seats makes the noise—music—pounding into your ear drums blow through your body making it sing along to the toxic lyrics. It feels familiar, a sick mediation. Pried down by gravity and baptized by beer spilling on your head like a continual baptismal. After twelve hours, it’s back to the car walking is harder, you feel heavier each day. Home again until tomorrow.

Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? This tutorial is for you.

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