Are You an Empath With the Mother Wound?

Mama Drama Trauma Academy

12-02-2023 • 1時間 38分

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Mama Drama Trauma (MDT) Academy is where empaths with the mother wound, the coaches and therapists who serve us and the people who love us get the knowledge and support we need to live in loving detachment from mama, drama and the trauma.

In this podcast, I outline the basis of MDT Academy, how individuals with MDT are assessed and define the meaning of terms used.

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Contrary to popular belief, according to the American Psychological Association, empaths or individuals who feel others’ emotions inside their bodies are less than five percent of the population. They are a subset of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), 20 percent of the population with a low threshold for stimulation. According psychologist, Elaine Aron, all mammals share traits that reflect a stress response pattern higher than 80 percent of the population.

In The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People, psychologist Judith Orloff outlines how we can meet our three P’s of maternal pretense, care provision and protection for ourselves. Here’s her free empath assessment quiz.

What Is the Mother Wound?

The mother wound is when the mother projects her own unmet and unhealed maternal needs onto her child causing physical and, or emotional injury. MDT is when an empath has the mother wound. Their injury is twofold because they: 1) cannot distinguish between their mother’s feelings and their own, and, are therefore 2) in a constant state of emotional dysregulation as a result of being continually triggered, or traumatized.

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Life feels like a wrong turn because we are born into the dark night of the soul or the MDT soul contract: a lifetime of of maternal abandonment and abuse to evolve in self love and spiritual independence by learning to live in loving detachment from mama, drama and the trauma.

Empaths Are Old Souls

Pastlife research into soul maturity, which ones have it, how it shows up in the present, its gifts, challenges, etc. is widely done today. Ainslie Macleod, one of the world’s foremost psychics and researchers on the topic is considered an authority who confirms ten levels of soul maturity of which healthy empaths are level ten.

We are world changers.

Empaths are old souls who must surrender to service or suffer. Think Oprah Winfrey without overcoming her own MDT and who she would be. Imagine a Steve Jobs without the humility to accept MDT as a sign his life had great purpose, or the lives of the Prophet Mohammed, Mother Teresa, Yogananda, Buddha, etc. with unintegrated MDT—and, our own as a result, for that matter.

Not every empath is a Saint but there is genius in our capacity for saintliness and spiritual self healing.

Lifetimes experiencing every possible scenario (e.g. family dynamic, ethnicity, culture, religion, habitation, gender, class, etc.) has refined our sensitivity to subtle energies, and developed gifts, talents and abilities to heal as we balance karma from harm we have caused ourselves and to others. This subtle detail explains why empaths struggling to balance, avoid the slightest infraction against others, even at our own demise.

When we are aware of our need heal ourselves first we create and sustain healthy relationships.

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Empaths possess an enviable degree of self awareness and situational insight, but our perception of it gets skewed with MDT.

Empaths With the Mother Wound Have MDT

As empaths with the mother wound, we do the inner work of choosing healing versus self harming responses to emotional pain and over stimulation so we can answer the call to lead who ever, when ever and how ever it suits us. And, in so doing fulfill our silent prayers of effectively using our intuition to inform and enhance humanity’s material experience through media, technology, philanthropy, healing, spiritual guidance and creative artistry—instead of being used by it.

As healthy empaths in MDT recovery, we feel others’ feelings with loving detachment distinguishing them from our own through disciplined emotional and trigger management daily practices that clarify, balance and confirm our downloads so we can serve ourselves and others with satisfaction.

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While all empaths perform some form of selfless service without question or encouragement (even if it is just absorbing maternal toxicity) , here we are concerned with building awareness of why we have MDT, how it affects us, how to reduce, manage and eventually eliminate them through the daily practice of divinity identity using the Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck.

Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck

Today’s lesson’s card pull is Ma’at, the first quarter moon, inner eye card letting us know we would not haveMDT if we did not have the power to heal it.

Far from punishment, this is a lifetime of strengthening soul endurance and emotional empowerment should we choose to be ready, able and willing to integrate the experience as such.

Compatible with all religious traditions and spiritual practices Great Mother says, we are:

Dearly loved divine children of the Great Mother Father God who are never judged, condemned or left alone. ~ Divinity Identity Mantra

Elevate your god/dess with a self loving and self care practice specifically designed for us by subscribing to more exclusive self guided trigger management content.

Until now, we have covered the semiotics, or the signs and symbols Great Mother downloaded for us to integrate MDT. They have included their definitions, descriptions as well as other nonlinguistic principles and healing methods given to us in analogy, allegory and metaphor to interpret her messages given in our Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck using our own intuition guided by the Divinity Identity Mantra.

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Sound interesting? Moving forward, I will expand on these core concepts and the healing method they support, and particularly how to use the deck. For years, clients have used it for rapid trigger release as well as immediate clarity, balance and intuitive confirmation.

Next time you’re triggered, answer these eight questions and I will followup with you for a free demo to show how it works.

As always, remember Great Mother loves you and I do too!

Need to confirm an MDT self assessment first? Let’s do it!



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