How to Get Off the Trauma Train

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16-07-2023 • 1時間 8分

Empaths don’t just have the mother wound. Empaths have Mama Drama Trauma (MDT). Yet, everyone claims to be an empath. If you can comprehend this episode, you are because we know when we think we are in control is when we are completely out of control. We blow up (internal sickness or external outburst, doesn’t matter), feel desperate shame, blame and guilt then are right back at ground zero feeling unevolved because no revolution in thought or behavior has occurred. For old souls this is problematic because we actually feel energetically drained when we do not live our core belief in divinity identity.

This causes the anger, depression cycle that is at the root of our self sacrificing behavior which is a misguided attempt to externally energize. Whether we allow others to direct our energy flow, and, or absorb others in exchanges that leave us short changed, it is nothing nice. So what can we do?

One of my empath mentors once told me, “We learn tarot to live on terra without terror.” Early in my journey of learning signs and symbols, it sounded a bit dramatic but I clearly see what she meant now.

Trauma is the norm for empaths with the mother wound. Defined as soul dissociation, from the soul perspective the body it chose to incarnate becomes useless when it no longer aligns with its life purpose. From our perspective, it is the ultimate alienation from self which it why it shows up the way it does as addiction, or pain avoidance. Trying to fill this gap with any and everything is a cycle that lasts lifetimes. Add MDT to mix, the mental and emotional bodies wear thin and routinely break.

The upside is that over these lifetimes, we mature in our experience and wisdom of divine grace and mercy through miraculous survival and inexplicable blessings. Divinity Identity becomes our core belief:

I am a dearly loved divine child of the Great Mother Father God who is never judged, condemned or left alone..

The challenge with MDT is the rage inherent in living in a world increasingly occupied be newer souls, often including our mothers, who do not yet share this core belief.

The fatal choice we make to survive by acquiescing to the crudity of MDT’s unexamined and unchallenged toxic code of behaviors (shame, blame and guilt), costs us dearly. Low quality lifestyles limiting our ability the cultivate, share and teach our gifts, talents and abilities gained does not have to be our story.

But, how to do we get off the train?

Choose to, no matter what, be vigilantly self observant of our unconscious, unchecked, expressed yet repressed emotion.  Do so with the intention of becoming accountable for our own emotional and attitudinal habits, addictions and defaults to identity the reactionary rides we take to feel in control by avoiding the inevitable pain of grieving MDT.

We have to take the initiative by discipline,iing our sensitivity to interrupt toxic mind body addictive cycles…one little step at a time. What works for others in this regard, doesn’t work or us. We need intuitive work for it to catch because of how deeply we feel and absorb energy. For instance, although it may be the commonly unexamined and unchallenged thing to do, we cannot pit our needs of self preservation against pleasure. We need the energy too much. We literally have to have pleasure in our lives to be healthy, happy and whole.

We work hard. We internally work hard for others’ healing, happiness and wholeness. So, it’s more than taking care of ourselves first. Karmically, having been mothers many times, we sense the lives of prior children in this lifetime and feel we have too many to humanly serve which is why, for us, self care is about release.

Doing the daily work to live in loving detachment from others to focus on building our energetic reserves helps with efficient exchange of it. Divinity identity accountability amplifies the power our angels, guides and ancestors have to assist us to enjoy being human with divine consciousness.


Do I Want to Do the Work to Get Off the Trauma Train?


From the Resurrection suit to our next stop off the trauma train train is the Emancipation suite of the Mama Drama Trauma Healing Oracle Deck where we’ll discuss the payoff for all of this continual inner work.


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