#5: It's October 1982... and everyone around me is PUKING!

This Week In The 80s

30-09-2019 • 1時間 18分

#TWIT80s - Ep. 5/October Week 1: Everyone around me during the 1982-1983 school year was PUKING! The legendary band with roots in my birthplace of Potsdam NY, the 1981 "stiff" that became a huge #1 hit six years later. Are we adding Johnny Cougar & Peter Cetera to the #TWIT80s "Jerk List?" PLUS - Daryl Hall Alert!, the Don Henley flop that may have gotten a reference in a Season 7 episode of "Three's Company", my 2nd favorite Madonna song of all-time and much more. This is a long one. Thanks for listening, please share & subscribe! #TWIT80s

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