#9: It's Halloween...In The 80s!

This Week In The 80s

28-10-2019 • 1時間 14分

#TWIT80s - Ep. 9/Halloween In The 80s: Egg throwing, Boy George costumes, Nerds candy! It must be Halloween in the 80s! PLUS - the October 1983 earthquake I slept thru (!!!) and *Special Guest* Corey Rotic - the world's BIGGEST Motley Crue fan - pops-in to discuss the band's 1st top 10 pop radio hit. Your plastic pumpkin will be overflowing with so much useless information and so many nostalgic anecdotal tidbits, you may spew baloney all over your punk, hippie and/or "bum" get-ups! Thanks for listening. Please share, subscribe & post a review! #TWIT80s

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