This episode of Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site features an interview with Art Astor, legendary radio broadcast executive. Mr. Astor has been involved in the world of radio and television broadcasting since the late 1940s. He is the owner and president of Astor Broadcast Group, located in Anaheim California. Mr. Astor tells us all about his life in the world of radio. From a very young age Mr. Astor was fascinated by radio, and from that young age, he was influenced to make radio his life and career. He is uniquely qualified to talk to us about all aspects of broadcasting since he has experience in sales, performing, management, and representing radio stations around the country. This interview was recorded at his museum, the Astor Classics Museum, also in Anaheim, California. There, his collection of beautifully restored radios, televisions, phonographs, home entertainment devices, slot machines, gas pumps, and classic automobiles from the 1930s to the 1960s are on display. The Astor Event Center, located at the Museum, is available to host parties, wedding receptions, dances, and many other kinds of social gatherings. This is an enjoyable look back at radio from a management and business point of view, and is a delightful interview as Mr. Astor tells us about his life experiences as well as describing a few select items from his museum. Our Retro Commercials are for A&W, Edsel for 1959, and Dr. Pepper. Join us at the Astor Museum on this episode of Galaxy Moonbeam Night Site!