A Mindful Approach to Business

The Corporate Purpose Podcast

07-03-2022 • 31分

Jason Garvale, the founder of Begin Within Strategy, joins the podcast to discuss a more intentional way to build your business. Jason shares about discovering mindfulness and how he was able to incorporate the principles of mindfulness into his work as a purpose consultant and strategist. He talks about the opportunity we have as leaders to look inside our businesses to identify our purpose and use it to guide our decision-making. We also discuss some of the concepts he's shared on Instagram and what we can learn from organizations, like Patagonia, Nike and REI, about being thoughtful about the impact our companies have on our employees, customers and communities. Here are a just of the key principles we discuss:

  • Creating a business that aligns with our values,
  • The Purpose Economy by Aaron Hurst,
  • Taking responsibility for the way we operate and build our companies,
  • Discovering the place where our ambitions align with our customers' ambitions,
  • Becoming a guide not a champion,
  • Finding our purpose and strength from within, and
  • The relationship between purpose, culture and values.

You can find Jason Garvale at www.beginwithinstrategy.com or instagram at @beginwithinstrategy

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