Taking Collective Action on Racial and Gender Equity

The Corporate Purpose Podcast

10-10-2022 • 37分

Part of building a purpose-driven business is building a diverse and equitable business.  Dr. Beth Livingston, associate professor of management and entrepreneurship at the University of Iowa's Tippe College of Business, joins the podcast to talk about diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. In this episode, she explains how to get started, how to measure your progress and why we need to look at DEI work at the individual, interpersonal and systemic levels within our companies. Beth explains how each one of us can have a direct impact on creating positive change.

Beth also walks us through the  Shared Sisterhood model, pioneered by Dr. Tina Opie, and outlined in their new book, Shared Sisterhood: Taking Collective Action for Racial and Gender Equity at Work. Tina and Beth co-authored the new book, which comes out on October 11, 2022.

In this episode, we also discuss:

  • How to weave your DEI efforts into your culture,
  • What it means to build a Shared Sisterhood "safe culture,"
  • How we can use "Dig" techniques to confront the biases, prejudices and beliefs we bring with us to work,
  • Likewise, how to use "Bridging" to build stronger relationships across race and ethnicity,
  • Why collective action among diverse groups is a key to bringing about change,
  • How to create systems of measurement using the tools you already have in place,
  • And, why we all have an opportunity to spark change at any level in an organization.

You can connect with Dr. Beth Livingston by visiting https://bethalivingston.com/ and you can connect with Dr. Tina Opie at https://www.drtinaopie.com/. You can also watch Dr. Tina Opie's TedTalk at TedXReno here.

Strategic Planning

There were so many good takeaways in this episode and I highly encourage you to read the book, Shared Sisterhood. It outlines the DEI process in a very systematic way and provides steps that build upon each other as you go. While my work doesn't focus on specifically on DEI, I do like to take a holistic approach when it comes to outlining priorities like DEI. If this episode sparked a desire to create a clearer plan for 2023, let's connect. I'm offering a new strategic planning program specifically for business leaders who want to better align their organization around its purpose. You can visit www.AligndonPurpose.com for more details.

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