Purposeful Strategic Planning

The Corporate Purpose Podcast

25-10-2021 • 11分

This week, we are wrapping up season one with a look at the strategic planning process and ways we can incorporate our purpose into the process. Karen Bailey offers tips and ideas for making meaningful changes that will help you better align your business around its purpose. She also provides suggestions for purposeful goals that will help you move your business forward and closes the episodes with some recommendations on measurement and accountability.

During the episode, Karen references a few season one episodes to revisit if you're looking for more specifics to help you build your plan or set purpose-first goals. They include:

  • To help you build your case for purposeful business, consider checking out Episode 13: How Purpose Creates Value in Your Business
  • For research and data to help you build your case for purpose, check out Episode 1: Finding Purpose
  • To help build purpose into your recruiting and onboarding processes, check out Episode 5: Finding and Hiring the Right People
  • To learn more about accountability among leadership, check out Episode 10: Purpose-drive Leadership
  • To help you get started on building an ESG Program, check out my interview with Carol Nolan Drake in Episode 11: Building a Compelling ESG Program

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