Grabbing Your Customer's Attention with Siena Dexter

The Corporate Purpose Podcast

24-10-2022 • 34分

Siena Dexter, Director of Strategy at SmashBrand, joins the podcast to talk about purpose and consumer behavior. In this episode, she explains how we can connect with our audiences and grab their attention at the point of purchase.

Siena provides advice on how to segment our customers and what it looks like to create messaging that is disruptive, persuasive and credible. She also explains why understanding ‘tension’ is so critical in catching the attention of those we’re trying to reach.

We talk about the purpose of purpose and what it means to leverage our purpose in a way that feels authentic and true to the brand. Siena also shares how part of DEI work is taking responsibility for breaking down stereotypes and challenging the assumptions we have about our customers.

Before we wrap up the episode, Siena shares some of the key trends she's noticing that may impact consumer habits in 2023.

You can find and connect with Siena Dexter on LinkedIn and you learn more about SmashBrand by visiting

Messaging + Strategic Planning

There were so many great brand stories in this episode. Many of which demonstrated the value of having an aligned brand and brand voice. If this episode sparked a desire to create a clearer narrative and strategy for 2023, let's connect. I'm offering a new strategic planning program specifically for business leaders who want to better align their organization around its purpose. You can visit for more details.

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