How do Micro-credentials Fit into the Needs of Workforce Stakeholders?

Microcredentials in a Minute

07-05-2023 • 4分

The stage is set for a new episode of "Micro-credentials in a Minute", brought to you by the visionary minds at Micro-credential Multiverse.

Join our intrepid hosts, Rob Bajor and Katie Sievers (Credly by Pearson⁠), as they embark on a journey through the ever-shifting landscape of workforce development.

As the curtains rise, we witness a world where automation reigns supreme, but human skills are in high demand. In this brave new world, careers are longer and more agile, and the gig economy rules the day.

Our heroes, armed with their knowledge of micro-credentials and digital badges, navigate the treacherous waters of this new world, seeking to understand how credentials can serve the needs of all stakeholders in the workforce.

Will they be able to find the right tools to take action and harness the power of micro-credentials to cultivate a future-proof, high-performing workforce? Can they convince managers and hiring managers to better understand what individual's credentials are signaling?

Find out in this thrilling episode as our heroes dive deep into the world of credentials, exploring how they can reduce friction in the workforce and support the trend of recognition.

So grab your popcorn, settle into your seats, and get ready for an action-packed ride with Micro-credentials in a Minute.