In Love With Math

Black Educators Matter: Project 500 Podcast

19-01-2022 • 37分

“How can I service these children?”

Adrienne King

Middle School Math Teacher

“No matter what, I love myself for who I am.”

As a National Board Certified Teacher with 14 years in the classroom, Adrienne reflects on her open and transparent approach changing school culture and making education more than a checkbox. Although her own elementary school experience in Utah was filled with covert racism and labeling due to dyslexia, she had women who poured into her, making her realize that anything was possible. After an incredibly affirming HBCU experience, Adrienne had the courage to teach in Korea (English and Religion) before beginning her career in middle school math.

“Enjoy the moments that you’re at.”

Adrienne taps into the interests of students to teach math differently, to help kids fall in love with the subject they once hated. As an observer of trends and patterns (#shoutout to the math and science brain!), she challenges her coworkers to be equitable, encourages first year educators to find their person, and wants students to explore EVERY career pathway (“Trades are ok. Hands on work is ok.”).