1.10 Year in Review 2022 - Zebra Edition

Hacking Hypermobility

02-02-2023 • 3時間 3分

NOTE: Hacking Hypermobility UNMASKED - We opted to leave all of our stumbling, umms, and off-topic squirrelling in this episode. As a result, the episode is 3 hours long!  This episode is also the season one finale. The Bendy Mommas are going to enjoy a hiatus for a little bit before we buckle down and solidify plans for season two. Keep up with us on our socials in the mean time!


The Bendy Mommas close out the season with a recap of the Zebra news from 2022.  Luna and Shelli’s 2022 wrap-up has all the news you missed pertinent to Hypermobility and Neurodivergence including all the new medical research in the inherited connective tissue disorders including the Ehlers-Danlos Syndromes, Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, Autism, ADHD, genetics, CRISPR gene editing, therapeutics, treatments, community and even some celebrity news.

We appreciate YOU, our listeners so very much. Thank you for a successful first season!

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