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31-07-2023 • 35分

My guest, Alexandra Tseffos, is a return interview for The Trend Report from a couple of years back. The Design POP was just a few months old the last time Alexandra was on the show, and she has grown to over 500 videos on her platform with updated partnerships with other technologies in the industry.

The Design POP aims to offer three main points, to have content that is searchable, provide professional development for designers, and provide sales courses for CET. Having searchable content allows users to find resources or courses on specific topics, bringing better utilization of products. The Design POP is also heavily invested in designers and wants to stimulate the professional development of designers everywhere.

With more and more platforms, technologies, and AI interfaces coming online and being used in the field, The Design POP offers training and plans for these industry pivots, leveraging the knowledge of the experts. While working with several manufacturers, The Design POP offers a wealth of information for the contract interiors industry and the materials and technology that we are commonly using.

In addition to the booming growth of The Design POP, Alexandra has been busy starting her own podcast! The podcast centers around dealer designers and the struggles they encounter in the industry. She provides awareness of the challenges that the position faces and provides a voice for them while providing them the anonymity they need to provide solutions to their issues in confidence.

There is so much information in this episode, and I guarantee that you will want to hear more about the success of The Design POP, what it can offer, and how Alexandra’s podcast is opening the eyes to the industry with an inside look at the responsibilities of the designer.

In this episode:
[01:10] Welcome back to The Trend Report, Alexandra Tseffos!
[02:00] Alexandra’s background for those who haven’t heard Episode 67.
[05:02] The growth of The Design POP over the last couple of years.
[08:50] How The Design POP collaborates with other manufacturers and provides training.
[11:23] Keeping up with technology in our industry.
[13:55] AI’s impact on our industry’s technology.
[19:47] Alexandra’s desire to focus on the professional development of interior designers.
[25:02] What was the deciding factor in Alexandra starting her own podcast?
[29:04] What is Alexandra’s podcast about?
[35:27] Thanks for joining us today!

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