The Dealer of the Future with Jorge Anaya of Henricksen

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06-02-2023 • 39分

Staying ahead of market trends by educating yourself is key to providing an outstanding customer experience and achieving success in the office interiors industry.

The future of the dealer in the office furniture industry is evolving in the face of how much technology has integrated itself into our lives post-pandemic. While we can leverage technology, we must also become experts in our industry and solve the problems of our customers while remaining consistent across the market and improving the speed, convenience, and communication in our market.

Jorge Anaya, the CFO of Henricksen, and I have a discussion surrounding what the future of our industry looks like from the perspective of the dealer. We agree that the industry needs to work together more seamlessly to provide an amazing experience for our customers.

Listen in to this episode to get the scoop on how prioritizing customer service and building strong relationships can allow companies in the office interiors industry to establish themselves as reliable and trustworthy partners for our clients.

In this episode:

[01:39] Welcome to the show, Jorge!

[02:31] Jorge’s background and how he landed at Henricksen.

[04:35] Shining light on the Office Interiors industry and the best way to draw attention and talent to our industry.

[07:58] Jorge’s unique approach to his role as CFO at Henricksen.

[09:42] The strategic growth plan that is responsible for Henricksen’s success.

[14:36] There is no end point to success. We must continue to evolve with the market.

[15:25] How the Office Interiors industry evolved after the pandemic and the challenges dealers face.

[19:39] The future of “The Dealer” in our industry.

[21:37] Industry experts and the solutions we provide are what drive our sales.

[24:30] Leveraging artificial intelligence apps such as ChatGPT in the industry.

[29:26] How Henricksen is creating an amazing customer experience.

[35:16] Parting words of advice from Jorge and where to connect with him.

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