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20-03-2023 • 34分

The world as we know it has changed so much in the past several years. With the evolution of technology and the curveball of the pandemic, the culture of how our society operates in many industries, including that of commercial interiors, has shifted. And we have to shift with it.

In this climate, our industry demands innovation and thinking outside of the box, which I think that Jim Contois really nailed with his ambition to bring a presence of outdoor furniture to the commercial interiors industry.

The pandemic put a whole new perspective on the outdoors, and many industries have been looking for ways to shift more of their presence to the outdoors. Bringing furniture outdoors that caters to those who enjoy the outdoor space but still need to collaborate and work has opened doors for the commercial interiors industry, and Parcel has capitalized on that need.

Parcel gets its edge from its furniture being functional for working or collaborative outdoor spaces without being utilitarian and plain. They prioritize using high-quality materials that bring durability to their products, giving a robust product that will hold up well in the face of the elements.

Listen in to this episode to learn more about how the commercial interiors industry is expanding to the outdoors in industries all around us. As Parcel continues to grow and serve so many different markets, keep an eye out for Jim’s products the next time you take a working lunch in an outdoor space.

In this episode:

[01:39] Welcome to the show, Jim!

[02:20] Jim’s start in the commercial interiors industry.

[05:12] The drive to become an entrepreneur and create something new in our industry.

[09:14] Jim saw the potential of the outdoor category.

[11:20] Where Parcel got its name.

[12:24] Parcel’s first product.

[14:34] The different vertical markets that found benefit from custom outdoor space.

[17:26] What sets Parcel apart from its competition?

[19:57] The materials that go into Parcel’s products.

[26:09] Parcel’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

[28:17] The future of Parcel.

[32:37] Final thoughts from Jim.

[33:30] The best way to connect with Jim and learn more about Parcel.

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