Episode 19: Retro ramblings

Fresh From The Esky

25-07-2022 • 1時間 3分

We say it every week but Ledge and Ben have outdone themselves this week yet again, with their wayward ramblings. A series of unconnected conversations and discussions that only such a unscripted, unedited production could provide. While the controversy of last weeks house share  etiquette(Jamie Stebbens spell correct) is lightly discussed as part of the mailbag contents, where the use of Australian reptiles as suggested by listener Jamie are thought to be a viable idea to settle . While  critiquing a Guatemalan beer, the punch the shook the world(well Haidyn Thomas's anyway) (Haidyn Thomas spell correct) is also discussed. With only four rounds remaining in the AFL competition the final race is starting to drop some numbers off and a favourite is hard to find. Vegetarians, Hindus and what would you do if Dewayne" The Rock" Johnson appeared in your (or someone else's) bedroom are topics discussed. As we also say every week, have a listen, feel free to give a 5 star rating, subscribe, share it with your friends and be sure to follow "freshfromtheesky" on instagram. Available on Spotify, Apple, Google and six other platforms for your listening pleasure.