#9 Val Streicher: Million dollar business launched at 22-years old


15-07-2020 • 38分

Val Streicher, a French-American entrepreneur was only 22 years old when he started his own company in coaching. In only six years he went from earning fifty dollars a month to having a million dollar business. For him it was life or death, whether he would make it work or die homeless in the street. Val shares generously his insights and why his business was the right bamboo tree to plant.

Host Özlem Özkan

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Özlem is an Amsterdam-based multilingual and multicultural teacher, presenter, and author. Her lifelong passion for self-development, spirituality, and personal growth led her to gain a Master in Behavioural Sciences and Bachelor in Education in Amsterdam. While working and living in multiple countries she became more and more aware that wisdom was doing the work. She started attending retreats, courses, and workshops all over the world to do true self-inquiry and connect to deeper layers of herself and constantly expand her mindset. Her vision is to help people to expand their awareness, learn, practice and transform in all areas of life.

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