The Edward Show Episode 10 - Ralph Anania

G'day Y'all It's The Edward Show

15-11-2023 • 55分

Ralph Anania - Bio

With over 35 years of commercial business experience, an Australian Entrepreneur Award winner, International Keynote Speaker and Author, Ralph Anania is regarded as an authority in business transformation.

Ralph has an impressive track record that speaks for itself. He’s built and successfully transformed over 30 businesses of his own into highly efficient enterprises, one of which, exceeding $130+ million in annual revenue, and is renowned for his ability to scale ordinary businesses into finely tuned profitable enterprises.

As a highly sort after international keynote speaker, Ralph has been interviewed over 200 times by the media and has delivered presentations, where he has shared his own real business experiences with thousands of entrepreneurs in 14 different countries around the globe.

What Ralph brings to an organisation is over 35 years of experience in understanding what to look for when scaling, mitigating risk, managing compliance, planning and leading teams through every situation or challenge that presents itself.

Having experienced his own fair share of adversity, in both his personal and professional life, his “never give up” attitude, is what continually drives him to make a positive difference in the world. Where his mission is to enrich the small business community by encouraging ‘sustainable’ change, not just in the organisation but most importantly where it all stems from, their people.

Ralph has recently had his book “life done right” released globally, where he shares his wisdom and real-life experiences, in an effort to give hope and inspiration to those who are consumed with their own challenges and just struggling with life.