The Delivery, Pt 1

Office Ladies

25-05-2022 • 1時間 3分

This week we’re breaking down the first part of “The Delivery.” Jim and Pam’s baby is on the way! Pam is having “contraptions” at work but insists on holding off on going to the hospital until after midnight so her health insurance will cover an extra day. Meanwhile, Dwangela is back when Dwight realizes he must have a child of his own and sparks a contractual agreement with Angela Martin. Angela uncovers a deleted Creed runner, Jenna shares the YouTube video that inspired Andy’s Evolution of Dance moment that also involved some very noisy pants. So enjoy this episode while you eat your second lunch, or perhaps your first dinner, or maybe even an Ultra Feast!

Check out Judson Laipply’s Evoltuion of Dance video: