26: DNette Wood - Standing Out from the Crowd

Loans On Demand Podcast

14-02-2022 • 44分

DNette was doing great as a professional musician before her life took a turn for the worse. She got a divorce and had her kids to care for. Not only was she broke at the moment but also heartbroken. That’s when she needed to build a career to re-create the life she wanted to live. As a single mom, the loan officer position was ideal for her. “It offered me everything I desired,” she says. It enabled her to spend more time with the kids, while also allowing her to make an unlimited income.

DNette Wood is currently a luxury home specialist. A fourth-generation native New Mexican, she grew up in Albuquerque and has been a real estate agent since 1999. As an entrepreneur, she’s built a thriving business through real estate while balancing family and raising her children. Her commitment to customer satisfaction and service is unparalleled. DNette always strives to become an expert at what she does and believes that's one of the reasons for her enormous business success.

A former loan officer and mortgage broker, DNette, has a lot to share with Luke in this episode of the Loans On Demand Podcast. She pours out her thoughts around what attributes make you stand out as a loan officer, how you do more business in this sector, what you do to bring more value to people, how you collaborate more effectively with realtors, and vice versa. Listen in to get all of the deets.


What You Will Learn:

  • How DNette started a business from the ground up and became successful.
  • What she's learned as a former loan officer and how it's aided her career as a real estate agent.
  • Why she likes to invest in personal growth.
  • As a loan officer, how to effectively follow up with your sphere of influence.
  • Why there’s a need to specialize in what you do.
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“You must be an expert at what you do, and if you aren't yet, you must educate yourself to become one.”

-          DNette Wood

How To Get Involved:

Find more information about DNette through her Website and YouTube channel. You can also connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.

Learn more about Luke through the Website, or connect with him on LinkedIn, and Facebook.

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