Beyond The Known

The Starr Group

The Starr Group is jumping into hyperspace in 2020 with the launch of a new podcast: “Beyond the Known”. Technology and business evolve at light speed. We all need to stay informed. There are many facets to The Starr Group that make us shine – like a diamond in the sky. We have some amazing partnerships across various industries, and we’ll be introducing relatively unknown aspects of those relationships to the entire planet! The weekly series will be aired every Monday, beginning April 2020. Each week, Paul M. Neuberger, will interview guests on location from our offices in beautiful Greenfield, Wisconsin, on the corner of Edgerton and Loomis — home of the iconic, dress-up Lions. Together with our guests and our Risk Consultants, we’ll explore successful business practices and how to employ them, as well as the latest products and services. read less