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Past Life Promises
Past Life Promises
Do you feel as if you were meant to DO SOMETHING in this life? Do you feel as if you were born right now at this time for an important or specific purpose to accomplish something? Do you feel pulled in different directions as to what you want to do with your life? If you can answer yes to any and all of these questions, maybe you need to consider any past life promises you may have made. These are much like when you take a trip and can't do everything, you sometimes say, "Next time I get back here, I promise I'll..." Past life promises can be just like that: promises we make to ourselves for when we return. Perhaps when you closed out your past life, you made a few promises that are part of your soul experience in this lifetime. And maybe when you consider them now, you have good, bad, or indifferent feelings towards those promises. Now is the time to consider all of this. Your Karmic Chakra is closely linked to your Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra. This triad might hold the key to understanding yourself and your life journey on a deeper level. Your Karmic Chakra holds the records of your soul path throughout your lives; it contains information on your goals, obligations, beliefs, and actions and how they may influence your soul's journey or your next incarnation. Your Solar Plexus stores the records of your personal power, self-esteem, who you are, and what you came to do. Your Heart Chakra is about your ability to give and receive love; its frequency resonates with your emotions, and especially with your level of happiness. In this episode I take a peek at: my own Counsel of Light Indigo and Rainbow Children Studies, Volunteering, and Spiritual Path Pursuits Synchronicity and Fate North Node Placement The Thread of Your Life and The Promise of Being Join me as I explore the concept of Past Life Promises and how they might be affecting your life now. "The Alchemist" book that I mention is by Brazilian author: Paulo Coelho I highly recommend it! If you are interested in learning about any relationship issues that may be linked to your Past Life Connections, I recommend listening to my podcast episode: Past Life Connections That particular episode empowers you to understand and maybe even unravel any past life connections that you have with another person. It offers suggestions for navigating the space of karmic connections. I highly recommend it as a tool to turn to over and over again. Thanks for Tuning In! Join me: YouTube Instagram Facebook