Body, Mind, Spirit for Psychic Perception

Soul Awareness with Constance Messmer

12-08-2023 • 23分

This is me, taking a stroll with you, to share a little something that I had pondered one day: Our point of contact for initiating psychic experiences.

Body, Mind, or Spirit?

What's your point of contact? Do you use ClairTangency, also known as Touch and therefore, your Body? Do you use your Mind? Do you use your Spirit? (Call it Physical, Mental, or Energetic even.) Or do you use a mix of all three, depending upon the situation?

These are the dynamic trio of you in this life. All three can be used as points of contact when tuning in to pick up information.

So, let's also talk about shopping at yard sales, second-hand, and antique stores. I love shopping in these spaces, but I know with my sharp ClairTangency, I have to energetically clear the item before I use them. You might too.

As always, Thanks for Tuning In!