Your Karmic Chakra

Soul Awareness with Constance Messmer

19-08-2023 • 21分

Way above the crown of your head, I source the information of your past lives and future possibilities, there in the Karmic Chakra.

Not so much a state of consciousness, but more of a repository of soul data, this chakra is paramount to understanding your soul's journey.

This episode highlights this location that tells me of your Akashic Records, Soul's Path, The Energy of Your Psychology, Astrology, Free Will, Pivotal Life Moments as well as Vows, Ties, Lessons, and Generational Inheritance. This Chakra is packed with content!

It is in close relation to your Solar Plexus (personal power, who you are, what you came to do) and your Sacral Chakra (relationship, sexual issues, creativity, new beginnings); these are both chakras of sacred contracts.

The healing gemstones I use with the Karmic Chakra are Carnelian and Larimar.

In meditation, I use Naga Mudra. As a yoga asana, I turn to Kneeling Headstand with Arms Extended, hands either in prayer position or Ksepana Mudra.

This episode is an introduction to Your Karmic Chakra. In future episodes, I will share more on the highlights mentioned above.

Thanks for Tuning In!