Childhood Promises

Soul Awareness with Constance Messmer

23-09-2023 • 26分

As children, we sometimes make promises to ourselves. And then we forget them, but their hold is still playing out in our life.

In the best interest of your own potential, I invite you to look back so that you can move forward.

This is no small task when you begin to take an inventory of your life from the perspective of childhood promises, conscious or unconsciously made.

Perhaps you promised to never make more money than your parents, so that they would remain successful in your eyes. Or maybe you promised to always take care of everything, because you were such a great helper. Or maybe you noticed that the only way to receive attention or love was to be sickly, like someone else in your family.

This episode encourages you to look at your unconscious material in the hopes of noticing any patterns of behavior that hold you back from success, love, or whatever it is you desire. Maybe there is a mental mindset that was put in place - by you - in your childhood. Maybe now is the time to rectify that.

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