Soul Retrieval

Soul Awareness with Constance Messmer

26-08-2023 • 27分

Have you ever heard of the phrase Soul Retrieval?

Soul Retrieval is when you return, either physically or mindfully through meditation or visualization exercises, to a place where you have lived before and left a piece of yourself. You go - and you get more of you back.

In my work, I have lead people through past life regression to achieve various goals. One of which is to collect split-off parts of themselves. In these situations, we do a Soul Retrieval. We go back and gather the bits they've left behind.

These can occur when we disassociate from traumatic experiences. They can also occur when we have powerful parts of ourselves that we've left behind or forgotten about for one reason or another. With either of these, we go back, reconcile, and return ourselves to wholeness so that we can move forward in this life.

I want to tell you of a few of my favorite experiences around this topic.

When I recorded this episode, I kept pronouncing it as Mayan, which is the language. What I meant to say was Maya. oops.

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