The Power of 3

Soul Awareness with Constance Messmer

22-11-2023 • 12分

For quite a long time I have been aching to tell you this cool thing that I do! Spirit first taught me about The Power of 3 ages ago (1998, I think). Because it is so powerful, it is something I turn to again and again. With a soul-to-soul link, I use it to contact people over a distance. I use it with dream interpretation like, I think, C. G. Jung did. I use it in finding the greater truth about something. This is a wonderful tool that I cannot wait to share with you! And just after my legalese, there is a fun blooper that I thought I would add back in at the end. I hope you laugh over it just as I did! Thank you so much for Tuning In! I invite you to subscribe to my channel on YouTube And join me on social media: Instagram



These episodes are best when you listen in order from the beginning. They are meant to be a Transformational Master Class, created just for you! -Constance