Your Higher Self

Soul Awareness with Constance Messmer

29-07-2023 • 19分

Your Higher Self is your connection to realms of spirit. It is also known as your Higher Consciousness.

In the energy system of the soul, it can and does permeate your entire being, but as a "chakra" I tap into it in the location above your Crown Chakra, above your head.

For focusing energy to Higher Self connection, the Yoga Asana that I turn to is ⁠Guru Pranam: Bow to Teacher⁠ pose. Shankhavarta Mudra is the hand mudra that I use when meditating on this aspect of my being.

The colors that I see associated with this area are ultra-violet and white light.

I use the note F, crystal chakra bowls, and Tibetan singing bowls. The reverberating vibrations of these notes help to balance the energy associated with the Higher Self.

To find out more about this amazing energy aspect of your being, hear what more I have to say in this episode.

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