Karmic Debts

Soul Awareness with Constance Messmer

07-10-2023 • 39分

Debts are when we owe someone, or they owe us. Karmic Debts are when the debt is tied to a past life.

This episode explores soul links also known as karmic ties. In particular, I will be looking at debts owed. How they might be affecting you now and how you might work to understand and unravel them, if and when possible.

Maybe your debt is paid, maybe it's time to move on - thereby restoring the balance of both of your lives.

There is a spectrum of give and take. The barometer of your feelings can guide you to your truth in any situation.

Sometimes what is necessary is soulful communication, whether that is on a soul level or a physical level, or maybe even both!

This episode encourages you to look at your relationships and the concepts of giving and taking in a whole new way.

May you find the courage inside of you and the wisdom of your heart and soul to guide you. Let me help with what I know.

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Thanks for Tuning In!