Audio Tour Guide (Pawsitive Variety Show)

19-08-2018 • 1時間 10分

Hello Pups and Kittens, welcome back to The Groomer Next Door podcast. This week we're taking a trip to Florida for all of your furry companions.

Hi, fellow pet peeps!

Thanks for stopping by. I'm Patricia, owner of FloridaPets.net since 2001. My husband Chris and I have four companion dogs and all of us play on the furniture around here.

We are fortunate to live two minutes from a dog-friendly beach. Lulu, our black Labrador, would stay there for days if she could. Our Corgi mix, Jazz, likes the waves, but hates getting her feet wet - go figure! Add little Pepper the Poodle and Willie, the Doxie and you've got a crew who like getting out and having fun together. And we want you and your furkids to be able to do the same.

Where to go is often the big question. Whether you are a resident or visitor to Florida, I feel you will find FloridaPets.net to be a great resource for locations and events around the state where the red carpet is rolled out for well-behaved companion animals - and their well-behaved people.

As a former newspaper reporter, I have something in common with our Willie. I like to dig. In my case, I like searching for dog parks, beaches and boardwalks where canines are permitted to run, and restaurants where dogs can share a cool drink and treat with their peeps. I like discovering hotels, motels and B&Bs that love pet guests, and pet-friendly places to live, including apartments, condos, mobile home parks, even assisted living facilities.

What I learn from all my digging around, I share here. If you don't find the info you're looking for, please write to me and tell me what you need. I'm happy to help!