NACO Podcast LIVE!

Reed Clanahan & Frank Bell

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the world of co-living and creative real estate investment? Well, look no further than the NACO Podcast!

Join us for a thrilling LIVE Weekly experience as we peel back the layers of co-living, exploring its innovative potential and unraveling the mysteries of real estate investments. Discover how this dynamic duo can be your golden ticket to wealth-building, all while tackling the ever-looming affordability crisis.

But if you can't catch us in real-time, don't worry! We've got you covered. Subscribe to NACO Podcast on your favorite podcast platform and delve into the world of co-living and real estate at your own pace. With us, your journey to knowledge and financial empowerment is always just a click away.

Are you contemplating the idea of by-the-bedroom rentals but dread the hassle of lease management? Say no more! Join the vibrant Padsplits community, where like-minded hosts come together to support your leasing needs. Let them take the reins and watch your investments thrive.

So, mark your calendars, subscribe, and get ready to revolutionize your real estate game with Reed Clanahan and Frank Bell on the NACO Podcast. It's time to unlock the secrets of co-living and creative wealth-building like never before!

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