The Science of Personality Change with Dr. Christian Jarrett

Minds and Mics

20-05-2021 • 47分

Dr. Christian Jarrett joins me on the show to discuss the science of personality change and to what extent we can deliberately modify our own personality.

Show Notes

  • What is personality, exactly?
  • The Big 5 Theory of Personality
  • What makes a personality theory valid?
  • How writing a book changed how Christian sees personality
  • What are the mechanisms of significant personality shifts?
  • Personality adaptability
  • Neuroticism
  • Are certain personality traits good or bad? Healthy or pathological?
  • The most underrated principle for effective personality change
  • Are we really the average of the five people we spend the most time around?
  • The Michelangelo Effect
  • Order effects in personality change: Inside out or outside in?

Learn more about Christian and his work here:

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