Designing Better Conversations with Fred Dust

Minds and Mics

21-03-2021 • 39分

Designer and author Fred Dust joins me on the show to discuss how we can use principles from design to have better, more impactful conversations.

Show Notes

  • The distinctiveness of podcast conversations
  • Mission-driven vs exploration-driven conversations
  • The 3 ways conversations get derailed
  • The usefulness of constraints in conversation
  • Adjusting the speed of conversations
  • The benefits of rehearsing hard conversations
  • Overcoming self-consciousness in conversation
  • Wearing jeans in the White House
  • Environmental design
  • Behavioral experiments
  • Active listening vs creative listening
  • Illuminations
  • Dealing with being triggered
  • Self conversation

You can learn more about Fred and his book at his website:

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