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DPE Ultimate Pilot Q&A: Mastering Check Rides, STCs, ACS vs PTS, and More!
DPE Ultimate Pilot Q&A: Mastering Check Rides, STCs, ACS vs PTS, and More!
Join Seth Lake, a designated pilot examiner, in this comprehensive Q&A session where we delve into key topics every aspiring pilot needs to know for their check ride and beyond. Packed with insights from my extensive experience, this video is an invaluable resource for pilots at all levels. Chapters: [01:35] - Inop Equipment for Checkride [02:55] - ACE Inop Equipment Guide [04:47] - Flight Manual Supplements [08:19] - ARROW vs. SPARROW [09:42] - AGI and IGI before CFI [11:36] - CFII Weak Areas [14:04] - Top 3 Hardest Checkrides [15:28] - Instrument Rating – Now What? [18:58] - CPL Holding Out [24:46] - Best time to get SES and Tailwheel [26:16] - Flaps at the FAF [30:33] - Instrument weak areas [36:05] - Instrument Checkride Endorsements [40:43] - Private Pilot Diversion [45:03] - Flight Manual Supps for LSA [46:09] - Commercial Pilot Requirements [47:40] - ACS vs PTS [51:11] - Sheppard Air Test Prep [53:23] - Private Carriage Vs. Common [1:00:00] - Pitfalls of DPE Gouge Whether you're preparing for your next check ride, looking to deepen your understanding of aviation regulations, or aiming to improve your flying skills, this video has something for everyone. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more content like this! - Follow me on: - Discord: - Instagram: - Facebook: - TikTok: - Reddit: Your feedback is invaluable – drop your questions and comments below, and let's keep the conversation going!