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24-11-2022 • 12分

One statement I love, made by a famous preacher, and I quote; "the things I want to do, I do not do, the things I do not want to do, I find myself doing"..... And to that I feel, doesn't that speak for most of us?

Is it not quite shocking how we might find that we express habits, behaviours, thoughts and emotions that we do not particularly know we are capable of? And in those moments of shock, we wonder who we really are, and how we have behaved in a manner that doesn’t portray who we hope to be?

I know that place, and I know how painful it can be to hope that your life is one of purpose, love, peace, meaning, actions, productivity, and fulfilment and yet it is characterised with qualities that deliver quite the opposite.

This episode of the illimitable YOU podcast, and its prequel episode WHO IS THE REAL YOU, attempt to both create an awareness of this reality as well as help with practical ways to solve it.

I'll love to hear your thoughts after you have listened. And if you would like some help around this conversation and would want us to have a chat, please book a call with me via this link -

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