OVERCOMING ANXIETY with Dr. Nkiru Oluwatosin.

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21-03-2023 • 48分

Dr Nkiru Oluwatosin is a family physician with special interest in mental health, she occupies a lead role as mental health champion for her primary care network within the NHS here in England, she is also certified in the fundamentals of Neuroscience, and is the founder of a charity organisation which helps people with their mental health, engaging faith based principles.

In this podcast on “overcoming anxiety” something that she has both experiential, medical, and spiritual knowledge about, our conversation steers through the realities of experiencing anxiety, possible root causes, how it becomes a persistent or prevalent emotion, and ways of overcoming it. We all experience anxiety at one level or the other… for some, it’s from a perception of fear, or the entry of a new phase of life, or their adopted sense of self worth or self-concept….. one way or the other we all have had experiences; but some more than the others.

We share personal liberation stories and I am certain that in many ways than I can consider, this podcast would be the liberation someone needs to overcome anxiety, fear, and other disturbing emotions in their life.

NOTE: It is important to take professional or medical advice before making any decisions relating to your health. Information shared in this podcast is solely based on our beliefs and experiences as of the moment of this recording. And whilst we consider it helpful, it should not be a replacement for any form of medical treatment or therapeutic assistance you may require for control, coping, management, relief, or healing. We would not be legally liable for any misuse or abuse of information shared within this podcast.

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