WORKING FROM REST - navigating through life's uncertainties with certainty.

Illimitable YOU - The limitless mind

16-10-2022 • 1時間 12分

Why do many humans toil, struggle, hustle and worry about life and what it has to offer or what they’ll get out of it? Why is it easier to accept that life is hard than it is to accept a life of peace, purpose, prosperity, fulfilment and legacy? I have considered the consciousness of “working from the place of rest”, and in one of my meditations, I pictured the beauty of having huge progress and success in all personal endeavours and areas of life, unperturbed by any of life’s current realities…. Inflation, economic instabilities, threats of war, racial discrimination and injustice and other ills in our world. And this propelled the need for this conversation on the podcast. The irony is that this is very possible even if it seems unattainable to many. But I’m well aware that you cannot actualise any posture opposite to worrying without trust. (I.e; in something capable of guaranteeing your peace and balance) and you cannot trust without knowledge / understanding. (We only sit on (trust) a chair we understand/know has the capacity and stability to withstand our weight.) Many are stuck with worrying in life because they have nothing to trust in; and some who have something to trust but lack real understanding of it still find themselves clueless about their position or next steps most times. How do we discover the missing link and align with a path of meaning and progress, void of the worries of life’s uncertainties? That's why I am pleased to introduce two of my dearest friends and brothers, Dr Kunle Davis Oke, (a scholar, lawyer, lecturer and UK government adviser) and Bukunmi Olukoya, (the lead person for the impact UK, a Christ centred mission to millennials and GEN Z cohorts and a Principal Consultant for an Infrastructure, Real Estate and Natural Resources Consultancy); whose insights on this topic I found to be profound. This conversation should help listeners, find rest or make choices that'll enable living from a place of rest; particularly those who haven’t found ways of managing the stress and anxieties that uncertainties in life and our world create. I believe strongly that everyone needs something to anchor themselves to, for the guarantee of their peace, wellness, and balance. Connect with Ife George via Instagram HERE  --- Send in a voice message: