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20-04-2020 • 1時間 10分

About Dr. Kevin Willis | Mental Performance Coach

Kevin Willis, aka, Dr. Dub, is a Sports Psychologist, Hockey Coach, Hockey Dad, and Hockey Fan.

His passion for hockey and specifically the mental game of hockey comes from his obsession with wanting to understand how the 1980 Men's Olympic Hockey Team, made up of college kids, beat the best hockey team on the planet.

To pursue his dream of becoming a Mental Toughness Coach in hockey he partnered with his mentor Dr. Saul Miller, author of the popular book titled Hockey Tough.

Together, Dr. Miller and Dr. Willis worked to make the material of his book available online. Not only did they convert his coaching into online training, but they also interviewed players coaches and scouts from the NHL, AHL, ECHL, NCAA, and teams across Europe and they asked them to share their insight into what it takes to play hockey at the highest levels and we made that coaching available on the internet.

About Elite Junior Profiles

Elite Junior Profiles was created by coach Paul Pechmann in partnership with Lane Houk, a marketing and software partner that powers our world-class technology, website and marketing efforts for EJP and our student-athletes using the platform to build a stellar online profile and using it to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive space of junior and college athletics and the college recruiting process.

EJP also provides Student-Athlete public relations consulting along with parent/player advisory and mentoring services for those families looking for expert assistance navigating the youth to high school to college process for their student-athlete. EJP Student-Athlete Advisory services are for families who want to avoid the common pitfalls involved in amateur sports and highly competitive endeavors and for those who would like an objective, experienced advisor alongside the family and student-athlete in their development, performance and need to achieve and maintain a healthy school, sport and life balance.