Invite Your Customers to Leave . (Rebroadcast of Season 2, Episode 4):

Business Jazz

14-11-2019 • 27分

This is a rebroadcast of an episode from the second season of BusinessJazz. It first went live on 23rd February 2013. The original show notes (beware of outdated information): One of the best things you can do in business is release your grip over your customers and clients – invite them to leave you. This is a healthy move for both sides. For you, it brings a dose of reality. The grip you have on your customers is never as strong as you think it is. Your customers always have alternatives, even if nobody else does what you do or builds what you build. Your client can simply decide to do without your unique product or service. That's a choice too. By inviting people to break the bond with you, you'll remove the weaker links in your client base – the people who weren't that into you to begin with, or who have started to feel less excited by you. What remains is a core of dedicated customers. In this week's episode, Roger and Jane look at an email in which Chris Brogan invites everyone on his mailing list to unsubscribe. During the podcast, Roger does – only to find that the sky didn't collapse in on him.