Nick M - From Pushing Pounds to Slanging Chicken Eggs Episode 0003

The Jungle Podcast

08-09-2023 • 1時間 8分

Christopher interviewed his friend nick on a podcast, discussing their friendship which began in prison and has continued after their release. Both shared their experiences growing up in dysfunctional households and their eventual incarceration. They also talked about the positive changes they made in their lives after prison and aimed to inspire others in similar situations. nick discussed his criminal history, including his aggravated drug trafficking charges and the shock and disorientation he felt at the time of his arrest. He shared his experiences in prison, focusing on the intake process at Lorraine, the transfer process to Lake Erie and the takeover of a state-run prison by a private company, which led to increased violence and extortion. nick and Christopher discussed their experiences in prison, focusing on the importance of maintaining a routine and relationships with other inmates for safety. They also highlighted the importance of staying focused and not getting involved with gangs. nick and Christopher discussed their shared experiences of being in prison, noting the hierarchy and order among inmates and the transformation that happens when long-term inmates are moved to lower security facilities. They also talked about the changes in laws during their sentence which led to nick's early release. nick shared his life story, starting from his early upbringing in the construction industry, working as a teenager, transitioning to selling drugs and eventually getting arrested and imprisoned. Upon release, he found employment with his uncle's company, and later at Olive Garden when he struggled to find jobs due to his felonies. Both nick and Christopher discussed the availability of job opportunities for ex-convicts, mentioning that they had links on their website for companies that hire ex-convicts.