Discover more MAGIC in 2024 with Kelly Helfman, President of MAGIC

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02-02-2024 • 21分

I’m so excited to welcome back to the show one of my favorite guests and BFFs, Kelly Helfman, President of MAGIC. And we have some BIG news to share with you!

Of course, I first get the inside scoop on emerging trends and what we can expect at the upcoming MAGIC events in Las Vegas, New York and Nashville. But Kelly and I spend most of the episode talking about our big announcement … a new partnership!

The Boutique Hub is partnering with MAGIC in a much bigger way than ever before to help you Discover More MAGIC in 2024! The Hub will have a booth on the show floor at every MAGIC event throughout the year, and our team will be there to greet you, provide resources, answer questions, and take new buyers on our BFF tour.

Join The Hub team at MAGIC to connect with the community, discover your next best-sellers, uncover exclusive trend forecasting, build business insights and so much more!

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