How EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Can Transform Your Business and Team with Tom Wesner, founder of EOS Worldwide

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09-01-2024 • 1時間 19分

This episode is a little different. This week I am joined by my business coach Tom Wesner of EOS Worldwide — so you’re going to get all the juicy details of what it’s really like at The Hub behind the scenes! Aside from reminding me of the things I need to continue to work on, Tom breaks down what the EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Model actually is and how EOS can transform your business.

To learn more about how EOS can transform your business, contact Tom at

EOS provides a structure and framework for organizing and scaling your business based on a clear vision, as well as building a team that works with focus and accountability. As Tom and I talk through the six components of EOS — people, vision, data, process, traction, and issues — he emphasizes the importance of responsibility and accountability within an organization, the key to strong leadership and the need to have the right people in the right seats. Tom also highlights the benefits of delegating and elevating oneself as a leader and explains the significance of data and the use of a scorecard to track key metrics.

EOS has been so essential to our success at The Hub, so I want to encourage you to listen to this one at full volume! And also to reach out to Tom - he would love to hear from you, and I promise you will thank me later!


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