Endometriosis, Miscarriage, & Childfree w/Gleenobly

Infertility And Me: Stories of Infertility Survivors, IVF, & TTC

09-10-2023 • 35分

Gleenobly and her husband have faced a challenging journey in their quest to start a family for over 13 years. Their path has been marked by significant obstacles, including Gleenobly's diagnoses of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, miscarriage, and even a brain tumor.

She states: We have tried everything under the sun except for IVF. We are still not yet parents, but we hope to be as soon as possible. Not only have we had to deal with the heartbreak of disappointment after disappointment after disappointment, but in the last three years, we also had surprise medical problems like knee surgery (my husband), a brain tumor (me), natural pregnancy, miscarriage, and moving to a different country (U.S.A. to England). We will try adopting an older child as soon as we are allowed."

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