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Infertility And Me: Stories of Infertility Survivors, IVF, & TTC

15-11-2019 • 27秒

Launching Friday November 22, 2019 Are you fed up with walking on egg shells when talking about infertility? New to the world of infertility and have been recently diagnosed by a reproductive endocrinologist? Have you been on the road to parenthood for quite some time or suffering from unexplained infertility?

Infertility And Me is a weekly podcast offering raw and candid discussions about all things infertility and IVF. Infertility sucks and is not sunshine and Lilly’s for those of us battling it. Your host Monique, interviews other infertility warriors who have overcome infertility or are in the midst of their journey. This podcast will give you the encouragement and hope your soul desires. Join me as we get real about the emotional, physical, and mental effects infertility has on its victims.

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