Infertility Feels Like A Hamster Wheel w/Nicole Gomez Fisher (BFP)

Infertility And Me: Stories of Infertility Survivors, IVF, & TTC

20-12-2022 • 37分

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Nicole Gomez Fisher shares her devastating endometriosis and scarring diagnosis from previous surgeries at 19 years old. Nicole's right ovary, both fallopian tubes, and part of her left ovary was removed during surgery. After marriage, TTC would be equally arduous for Nicole and her husband's eight year journey.

What's Discussed:

  1. Endometriosis
  2. Surgical removal of reproductive organs.
  3. 00:17:45:00- Egg donorship & Jealousy.
  4. Loss
  5. Surrogacy
  6. 00:19:00- "Good Egg" film's conception.
  7. 00:24:00- Difficulties bonding after birth & adoption.
  8. 00:26:40- Being LatinX and infertile.
  • Nicole Gomez Fisher, writer, and director of "Good Egg" film.

" A woman struggling to get pregnant becomes embroiled in the criminal underworld with her potential egg donor."

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